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Success Stories

Lorraine is 44 years old. She’s single and has an 8-year-old son.  She’s been a client since Spring of 2016 when she lost her customer service job at a local hospital. She now works part time at the grocery store but has a difficult, if not impossible, time making ends meet.  She comes to the CCC twice a month to get clothing for her son and for herself. Today, she came in to ask for help in the New Start Boutique. She has a job interview at a local healthcare facility in an office and she’s really excited! It would be a full time job for her and it would include health insurance benefits. She hasn’t been able to find full time, career worthy work since the beginning of 2016.  With that, we took Lorraine into the New Start Boutique.

Lorraine expressed concern. She has a bigger frame and she said she’s embarrassed of her current weight. She was afraid we “wouldn’t have anything for someone as big as me,” but we told her not to worry or be so hard on herself.  We went into the New Start Boutique and looked around. We asked her what style of clothing she prefers and what she felt was appropriate for the interview. We talked to Lorraine about having a positive attitude and had her practice introducing herself all while shopping for her interview outfit.

Lorraine picked out an entire outfit; blazer, slacks, shirt, scarf, jewelry and a tote bag. She looked amazing!   Lorraine smiled and said, “huh, I look pretty good.” And “I look like a boss” she said playfully while looking at herself in the mirror…and we agreed!  

We asked Lorraine to keep in touch and to expect a call from a staff member asking her how the interview went. Turns out Lorraine got the job!  She was beaming over the phone and she expressed her sincere gratitude for our services.  “I felt so good!  I never had such nice clothes to wear. Thank you!”

Lorraine came back a few days later to pick out a starter wardrobe. We found items that coordinated with her interview outfit so she could mix and match to help her stretch her wardrobe. With that, she gave us a hug and she was on her way to start a new life for herself and her son.  Godspeed Lorraine!