Success Stories

Queenie's Story

warm hands warm heart

After finishing up a shift at the CCC, one of our wonderful volunteers noticed a young woman waiting at a nearby bus stop. She stood out because she did not have a jacket,
boots or gloves and was covered only with a thin blue blanket for warmth, but the blanket was clearly no match for the bitter Northeast Wisconsin winter weather.
Although it was very late in the day we brought her into the CCC to find out how we could help. When she walked in, we noticed she was wearing sandals with no socks,
flimsy summer pants and a threadbare shirt and the blanket. We asked her if she was in need of warm winter clothing. Through broken English she graciously accepted. We
were very happy to help, but our collective hearts sank a bit when the woman removed the blue blanket to reveal a baby swaddled on her back! Although her daughter was
warm and happy, we knew that she desperately needed help. 

With no access to a car, Queenie ventured out in the freezing cold to take the bus to secure needed food from our neighbors at the food pantry. Queenie didn’t know that
there was a place where she could receive clothing assistance for both herself and her young child. She was ecstatic and the proof was in her grateful smile. Through your
contributions, we provided Queenie and her daughter with a full set of winter clothes, footwear and more.

Queenie and her daughter recently fled their war torn homeland in west Africa and, with the help of a local church, resettled here in the Fox Valley about 6 months ago. She is
learning English, receiving employment services and building a support network all the while trying to navigate a new culture and severe weather conditions! She is building a
better life for herself and for her daughter and because of you we're here to help.

 Transformation in Action

Transformation in action. Meet Kristina. Her story is one we hear often. Kristina, a single mom, found herself in an unfulfilling career. Ready for a change, she decided she was going to get her realtor’s license. She studied, worked hard and passed her exam! But now what?

Kristina was anxious and unsure about the appropriateness of her existing wardrobe, and she didn’t have the money to purchase business wear for her new job. She heard about the CCC’s New Start Boutique from a friend, got a referral from one of our partner agencies and made an appointment. After a very joyous, often tearful, shopping experience, Kristina chose some fabulous clothes. “I can’t believe how great this place is! Thank you so much!”

Because of your support, the New Start Boutique had exactly what she needed: beautiful, stylish work clothes, a laptop bag, comfortable undergarments and a healthy dose of self-esteem. It’s just what she needs to succeed in her new career and in life. We don’t plan on seeing Kristina forever - just long enough to see her thrive. Since New Start began, we’ve helped over 400 men and women get their business attire needs met!

A big thank you to United Way for supporting the New Start Boutique!

Taylor, Kristina

 Setting the Stage for Success


Just having completed schooling at Moraine Park Technical College, Sharmain was determined to start working as a CNC operator. Sharmain came to us in need of an interview outfit. When he came back a week later, he told us that he got the job. Not only will he be a CNC operator, but he’ll also be working as a supervisor! In one week, Sharmain went from needing clothing for an interview to getting a full-time position with supervising duties. Was Sharmain’s interview clothing and coaching on successful interview techniques the only thing that got him the job? Probably not. His will and drive did that, but we provided the necessary tools and set the stage for success! Congratulations, Sharmain! We’re happy to add you to our growing list of success stories.