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Queenie's Story

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Leaving the CCC at the end of a shift, a volunteer noticed a young woman waiting at a bus stop in the freezing cold. The woman had no coat. She was wrapped in a blue blanket and wore sandals with no socks, flimsy summer pants and a threadbare shirt. Our volunteer invited her into the CCC.


The woman said, in broken English, that her name was “Queenie,” and that she needed warm winter clothing. When she removed the blue blanket, we were shocked to see a baby swaddled on her back. We knew the woman and her daughter desperately needed help.  


Queenie had taken the bus to get food from the food pantry adjoining the CCC. She was ecstatic to learn there was a place right next door where she and her daughter could get clothing, too. They left the CCC that day with a full set of winter clothes, footwear and more. 


Queenie is grateful to the local church that helped her resettle in the Fox Cities from war-torn west Africa. She’s grateful to be learning English, receiving employment services and building a better life for herself and her daughter. Because of you, CCC is here to make her grateful, too. 



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