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Client Services

Who do we help?

We serve the working poor, elderly, victims of abuse, children living in poverty, students, homeless, veterans, and those with emergency clothing needs. Clients are referred by a host of human service organizations such as St. Joseph's Food Program, LEAVEN, Riverview Gardens, Harbor House, Pillars, and Workforce Development.

Client Benefits

Each registered family member may:

  • Shop for free, twice monthly. Receive up to 10 items of clothing per person per shopping visit.
  • Choose up to 10 pairs of shoes annually.
  • Choose 1 winter coat, 1 pair of winter boots, 1 pair of snow pants annually.
  • Choose 1 set of towels, a blanket, a pillow and a set of sheets annually.
  • Participate in our special programs (see below).
  • Don't forget, all of our services are free due to the generosity of our community.

Community Clothes Closet Programs

  • Shopping Floor: Clients can find clothing for the entire family. Clients receive a set number of items of their choosing twice a month for up to a year to help them get back up on their feet.
  • New Start: Provides tasteful, interview-appropriate clothing and coaching tips for clients who have a scheduled interview and once employed, clients can receive a starter wardrobe to help get them back on their feet and move towards self-sufficiency.
  • Cool for School: Held in August. Provides brand-new clothing and gym shoes for children in kindergarten through high school seniors going back to school so they can start the new year off right-full of confidence and ready to learn! Our community partners reinforce the importance of emergency plans, cyber security, appropriate after-school snacks, and healthy oral hygiene during the event.
  • Baby Kits: New parents receive a baby kit containing newborn clothing, diapers, growth and development information, and other items for newborns aged up to 3 months.
  • PajamaRama: Held in December. Provides a new pair of pajamas, book, blanket and stuffed animal for children aged 2-12. Our community partners reinforce the importance of healthy bed time routines, reading before bedtime, appropriate bedtime snacks, and healthy oral hygiene.