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We provide FREE clothing to children, women and men in need who are referred to us through any human service organization, school or church. We believe clothing can open the door to a better future by providing the confidence needed to ace a job interview, project a healthy self- image in a social situation or stay safe from inclement weather.

Who do we serve?

We serve the working poor, homeless, students, returning veterans, elderly, disabled, victims of domestic abuse, and those who have emergency needs because of a fire, flood or other natural disaster.
Our clients are referred to us from other social service agencies regardless of residency. Once registered, clients may shop free of charge twice a month for up to a year to help them get back on their feet and into a better financial situation.

Transformation in Action

Meet Kristina--a single mom, who found herself in an unfulfilling career. Ready for a change, she decided she was going to get her realtor’s license. She studied, worked hard and passed her exam! But now what?

Kristina was anxious and unsure about the appropriateness of her existing wardrobe, and she didn’t have the money to purchase business wear for her new job. She heard about the CCC’s New Start from a friend. She got a referral from one of our partner agencies and made an appointment. After a very joyous and tearful shopping experience, Kristina chose some fabulous clothes. “I can’t believe how great this place is! Thank you so much!”

Because of your support, New Start had exactly what she needed: beautiful, stylish work clothes, a laptop bag, comfortable undergarments and a healthy dose of self-esteem. It’s just what she needs to succeed in her new career and in life. We don’t plan on seeing Kristina forever - just long enough to see her thrive. Since New Start began, we’ve helped over 500 men and women get their business attire needs met!